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Officetrax is a SaaS company that sells a Centralized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to a range of clients in the facilities maintenance industry. When I worked with Officetrax I was a one-woman marketing team and was responsible for handling all marketing tasks. I reported directly to the Vice-President and worked closely with the sales, support, and development teams as well.


*Note the current design of their websites are not reflective of my work. Screenshots/recordings below of my work are provided.


Working closely alongside a team of developers, I was able to grow my skills in web design and development immensely. I worked primarily with HTML, the Bootstrap library, and LESS/CSS to create Officetrax's main website, support website, and landing pages. I was also able to learn a lot about SEO, user flow, optimization, copywriting, and other ways to create a successful website that produces leads or accomplishes other goals.

A few of the other skills I developed or built upon were:

  • Branding: I developed our brand identity and guidelines

  • Graphic Design: I was responsible for creating all of our content for use in sales, support, and other marketing channels like Youtube or social media. This was done with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign

  • Events: I planned and executed 6 tradeshows (I exhibited at 2), planned team building events for employees each quarter, and planned 1 Customer Appreciation event in Nashville, TN.


A few of my accomplishments:

  • Traffic grew to by 65% in less than a year

  • Grew the lead-to-sale conversion rate by 200%

  • Work with customers on case studies and reviews and improved Officetrax's ranking on review sites (they made it to the top 25 Facility SaaS on GetApp)

  • Increased the visitor-to-lead rate using live chat 

  • Successfully managed a budget and marketing plan year after year

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